Gina, a New Jersey native of the “Garden State,” loves being outdoors and was a caretaker of her garden. Well, actually, caring for the family garden. As a young girl, Gina would help her grandfather till the soil, seed, feed, water and fertilize the family garden. Gina appreciated many things found in nature. Her inquisitive enthusiasm lead her to love the sciences, appreciating the gift of life and self-care.

Learning about human anatomy, physiology, environmental health, quantum energy and applying these subjects towards the Holistic model of body, mind and spirit early in her life, Gina found the value of healthy living utilizing those subjects and followed the Holistic model. The body needs self-care, nurture and support with all its functions and systems in order for it to live a sustainable healthy life and lifestyle. At an early age of 15 years old, Gina made a decision to follow her passionate path to adopt the body, mind and spirit connection and made it a full-time love affair, better known as “Holistic Health.” Even before it was accepted in the mainstream as it is evident today.

Gina’s early inspirations were Jack LaLanne, fitness and nutrition guru, Jane Fonda, actress, activist and aerobics queen, Ally McGraw, actress and yoga instructor, Bruce Lee, practitioner, nutrition guru and philosopher, Richard Simmons, health and fitness guru and Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD and author incorporating the body, mind and spirit connection with quantum healing. All these health activists and practitioners influenced Gina through her research which made a positive impression on her. They opened doors to unlimited dimensions in personal self-care and total health where Gina experienced positive feedback when she applied many of their exercises in her daily lifestyle.

Gina attended college as a nontraditional student, in her thirties, studied premed at Ocean County College. Having a Spanish background, she joined the SALSA Club where she was chairperson of the fundraising activities. Later, earned a scholarship. Transferring to Stockton University she saw Holistic Health classes being offered in the curriculum and saw “society” and universities were accepting Holistic Health and their associated modalities in the mainstream.

Gina enrolled in many of the Holistic classes offered in conjunction with her pre-med curriculum and enriched her life even more. Passionate about environmental causes she joined New Jersey Water Watch and educated local schools and clubs about the importance of water conservation and keeping the environment clean for future generations.

Gina lead several clean-up programs in Atlantic City and the surrounding areas by Stockton University. Earning her B.A in Biology in 2004, Gina graduated from college dedicating her degree to her grandmother who believed in the importance of an education.

Gina worked in the private sector throughout the years as a laboratory technician and technical support associate for a major lab and for a global diagnostic company. Studying on her own time Gina attended seminars and kept pursuing her studies in Holistic Health. Gina recognized the medical field was crossing over and applying Holistic Health in their practice. Including the contributing works of Dr. Perlmutter MD, Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, Dr. Robert Atkins, MD and Dr. Udo Rasmus, Biochemist. Gina adopted many of their suggested practices and teachings by applying them enhancing her health and lifestyle.

Gina attended The Academy of Natural Health Sciences in 2014 and graduated in 2016 with a certificate in Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health. Implementing nutrition, and supplementation as a core foundation for optimal health and well-being, Gina has also included meditation, yoga, and detoxification as practices in her life to support healthy living.  

Gina has successfully conquered gastrointestinal issues such as Crohn’s when she was diagnosed over a decade ago. As a result, she did not choose the conventional way using pharmaceutical drugs but chose to incorporate a variety of foods, herbs and spices to her diet to reduce the symptoms associated with Crohn’s. Gina also eliminated many foods which are associated with inflammation. Happy to say, Gina is living symptom free for over a decade.

All things happen for a reason.  Gina believes the events and experiences we go through are life lessons so we can learn from them and grow. There is no such thing as perfect health because all things are constantly changing and in flux.  Gina believes adapting into any environment can be done only when one chooses their parameters and learns to flow and be aware of their surroundings.

Gina incorporated in her life many of the modalities mentioned implementing nutrition as the core and primary foundation for optimal health and well-being.  Gina’s philosophy is EDUCATION and KNOWLEDGE is POWER. Followed by ACCESS, ACCOUNTABILITY and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY with positive lifestyle choices a person can change their direction of their life, especially their health, to empower him/herself and build a strong life.  Optimal health is the true wealth and all things are possible with positive choices in order to create a healthy life.

Gina has opened her arms to serve in gratitude to help others transform their lives. Gina founded Holistic Nutritious Solutions, LLC, in 2016.  Her passion came into fruition by helping others. Her mission is to help others achieve their health goals and to live a sustainable healthy life and lifestyle. Gina creates customized health and wellness management plans in order for her clients to achieve their optimal health.  Thus, Gina believes, “Achieving Your Optimal Health and Well-being Naturally,” can be done living a happy healthy productive life with purpose.

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