How to Eat Mindfully and Healthy During the Holidays

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

The holidays are a time of celebrating with family and friends bringing people together. The center of the source of bringing everyone together is surrounding themselves with food.

Many may struggle with a stressful area during the holiday season not to overeat or over indulge in drinking while celebrating in the festivities while creating wonderful and amazing memories filled with laughter and smiles. While celebrating with others, discussing passed memories, the latest trends, sports, politics, fashion, philosophy and decide to give it a whirl on the dancefloor you have your eyes on the most decadent assortment of a variety of tasty food during the holiday season. I have no doubt you will partake in hosting a party yourself, attend a few office parties and house parties surrounding yourself with the sweet colorful and aromatic smells of great food and decide to “dive” in to a plateful of food.

Before you take the “dive” consuming food, why not take the power you have within you and make mindful decisions on what and how much you decide to eat and drink. As you take control and matters into your own hands you can choose wisely and still have a great time and not feel guilty after the party. Making mindful decisions is a great idea and you will be empowering yourself.

Here are a few mindful ways you can enjoy yourself and not overeat or drink.

First, during the holiday season and before attending any celebratory function you can make a decision of how many alcoholic beverages you are going to have for the night. Remember alcohol adds up in calories and has plenty of sugar in them, especially the eggnog. You do not want to overdo it. Plus, if you ever suffered through a hangover before, you do not want to engage in headaches, bags under the eyes and feel nauseated or even throw up. UGH!! Who would want to go through episodes like this over and over again during the holiday season. When you decide on the limit, 1, for me is perfect, be responsible and take accountability. It is a good idea to drink plenty of water keeping yourself hydrated. Consuming alcohol dehydrates the body. Drinking water aids in the digestion of food too. About 30 minutes before you eat and drink alcohol drink plenty of water.

Second, skip the cheese and deli meat platters and go directly to the platters filled with fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Many types of cheeses add up in unwanted calories and deli meats have preservatives and chemicals in them which you do not want. Remember healthy and mindful eating is the goal. Fresh fruits contain plenty of fiber and vitamin C, an antioxidant, which actually helps reduce unwanted cell death. In a matter of speaking, it slows down the aging process and reduces inflammation. Raw vegetables contain fiber and vitamins too. Plus, the fiber you consume is food for the bacteria in your body. Prebiotics is an excellent source for optimal “gut” health. You are not only feeding yourself but feeding the healthy bacteria found in your digestive track. There is a whole natural biodome found in your digestive tract and feeding it healthy fiber promotes a healthy environment.

When it comes to the main course use a smaller plate so you do not have to eat as much. Be mindful not to talk while chewing. Chew your food 30 times in order to help the digestion process. Enzymes are released during the moment food enters your mouth and in the stomach. By chewing your food thoroughly, you help in the digest process where food can be absorbed and assimilated to provide the nutritious vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs. In addition, add more water to your water glasses. For myself, I usually fill it at least three times with lemon. Drinking water during the main course continues in the digestion process and helps alkalinizes the body.

Lastly, are the scrumptious and decadent desserts. So many to choose from and you do not know where to begin. Make a choice to have only a small portion of a couple of cookies, pastries or a piece of cake.

Do not forget, if anyone asks you to try more or asks you for a second helping you just simply say, “No thank you,” with a sincere smile.

Empowering yourself with knowledge, power and responsibility you can have such a wonderful time throughout the holiday season without the stress of over eating and or drinking.

Celebrate and enjoy!! Have a wonderful Happy, Healthy Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza and a blessed New Year filled with healthy and happy portions!!

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