Kitchen Health: The Health Hazards of Plastic Storage Containers

Storage containers play a part of your kitchen health. Many individuals and families use plastic containers to store food. Using "take out" containers from restaurants to brand name plastic containers are not an ideal way to store your food. Plastic can readily absorb contaminants and can be lined with chemicals. Eating food and drinking from plastic containers are increasing the risk of exposure to chemicals. Reusing plastic to heat and freeze food can also increase the risk of chemical exposure. A healthier alternative is to use solid glass storage containers. Glass storage containers provide easy and an accessible way to serve, clean and store food. You can use the very same container to utilize all these areas as well as moving with ease from the freezer, frig and to the stove. In the long, run glass containers improve your quality of health by reducing chemical exposure, save money and time. Glass containers are sturdy, reliable, have a long shelf life and can be used for years to come.

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