What Is a Certified Holistic Health Consultant

As a Certified Holistic Health Consultant I use the science of nutrition and holistic health to establish and maintain homeostasis through the optimization of the human body. I assess a person's nutritional needs through the interpretation of dietary analysis, case history, physical measurements, physical signs, laboratory tests (if available) and life style evaluation. I teach people to achieve and maintain optimal health through the use of food, water, specialized dietary programs, nutritional supplementation and life style modification. 


When it comes to food and nutrition everyone is different.  Lifestyle, work, social activities and school impact our productivity and impacts our health. That’s why Holistic Nutritious Solutions, LLC, has you covered. 



Weight Management

Healthy Aging

Gastrointestinal Issues

Kinesiology Testing

Personal Care/Development

Autoimmune Issues 

“Lunch and Learn" Workshops


Detox Programs

Weight Loss 



pH Balancing 


Stress Management 

Environmental Home Health

Sleep Disorders

Hypertension / Blood Pressure

The Foundation of Health

Health and the foundation of life begins at a cellular level. Each cell is a microcosm of life. The environment within the cell as well as the area surrounding outside the cell needs to be functioning at an optimal level. The working organelles within the cell have specific functions and duties to keep the cell healthy and in working order. Providing the essential nutrients and the appropriate environment the cell can live in a healthy and sustainable environment.

The building blocks the cell provides leads into tissue, organs, bodily systems making up the full scope of the human body.

At Holistic Nutritious Solutions, LLC, we assess the conditions of your diet, present and past health conditions, lifestyle patterns with your present mindset. By targeting and addressing areas that are not favorable conditions we can change and improve areas with nutrition, vitamins and supplementation, exercise, detoxification programs to aid in digestion and absorption in order to provide favorable cellular health. Identify stressors and introduce stress reducing activities to help balance the physical, mind and spirit of your body.

Repairing, restoring and transforming the body so you can live at your best on a daily basis is our goal for you. Your health is not going to change overnight. There is no “magic pill,” to take. However, there are programs to educate with support, providing access for you in order for you to take an active approach in your health.

Gina A. Di Iorio is available for speaking engagements. Contact Holistic Nutritious Solutions, LLC for scheduling. 


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