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Hippocrates, said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This quote still holds true today and I personally apply it to my life and lifestyle. 

Our first line of defense against illness and disease is found in food.  For thousands of years across the globe, humans have consumed nutritious healthy wholefoods and utilized its fundamental uses to FUEL the body for energy, NOURISH, providing the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients and HEAL as a preventative measure or when illness and disease were present. 

My medicine cabinet is not found in the bathroom but in my kitchen. There are many healing foods that not only provide natural energy for the body, have their excellent sources for vitamins, minerals and essential important nutrients for nourishment but they also have medicinal healing properties. Healing the body when sick, injured and or when disease is present. 

The following 10 superfoods are found in my kitchen and I use many of them daily to include them in my meals and or snacks. I use them to be proactive in my own health and well-being. Scientific research and studies today show many of the following foods are not only essential to improve your health and well-being but what is found in them that makes them incredibly beneficial for our body. Outstanding essential vitamins, minerals and or nutrients to build and promote health and well-being. 

Just think, for thousands of years during ancient times, from villages to cities, through commerce and trade, healers, physicians, shaman, farmers, spiritual leaders and explorers had access to these incredible healthy sources found in food.  Today we can still have access to delicious, nutritious, organic wholefoods. Known as superfoods. Adding any or all of these superfoods to your life will promote health and well-being as they have done so for me. The side effects from the following medicinal foods provide: energy, nourishment for the body and medicinal healing properties. Add these healthy nutritious foods to your kitchen and make them part of your life! 

  1. Chia Seeds- Chia Seeds are high in Omega 3s.  Both ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) and Linolenic Acid.  Omega 3s help raise HDL, (good cholesterol) levels to help protect the heart. Originally grown in Mexico, known to Ancient Mayans as “runner’s food,” used this powerhouse superfood to run long distances. Excellent source of fiber to help eliminate toxins from the body.  Not enough Americans consume enough fiber (melaleuca Fiberwise) in their diet on a daily basis in order to eliminate toxins from their body and to help regulating glucose levels.Love adding them to my salads, smoothies, gluten free oatmeal and gluten free oat bran. 

  1. Moringa- comes from the areas of Nepal, Pakistan and India. It comes from a small tree and has been used for thousands of years to help control blood glucose levels with individuals with diabetes.  Moringa is also rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C and beta carotene. A plus to have in order to slow down unnecessary “cell death.” Great in salads and smoothies.  

  2. Garlic- This antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial superfood even kept “Dracula” away. However, garlic has manganese, which plays a role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and necessary for brain and nerve function. Studies show garlic can shorten the length of colds.  

  3. When I was a little girl my grandma Judy showed me how to place garlic cloves under my tongue one on each side of my mouth to allow the garlic to be absorbed allowing the medicinal effects to penetrate.  I also enjoy cooking with fresh minced garlic adding flavor to different recipes and reduce the risk of viruses such as the cold and flu. 

  4. Bone Broth- One day when I was watching my grandmother prepare bone broth she said to me, “Gina, if you want healthy hair and skin this will do the trick.” This is coming from a woman who only had an 8th grade education and reared 14 brothers and sisters. Present day, I get many compliments of my youthful appearance about my skin and its “youthful glow.” I have to thank my Grandma Judy for all the years I consumed her bone broth and chicken soup.  She was right on target.  Bone broth contains collagen, amino acids, such as l-glutamine, the building block of protein, promoting the growth of hair, skin, nails, ligaments and connective tissue throughout the body. Especially for “gut health.” Our “gut” a part of the digestive tract is a home for healthy bacteria. Trillions of bacteria are found not only on our skin but also in the digestive tract. Starting from the mouth all the way to the anus. Specific species of bacteria play an important role in specific areas of the digestive tract protecting the body from illness and disease and aids the body in the elimination process. I make homemade organic bone broth several times a year and freeze bone broth having it handy throughout the year.  

  5. Raw Hempseed- A perfect balance of omega 3 ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid and 6 GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid) rich essential fatty acids and healthy fats. Other nutritional factors include: zinc, calcium phosphorous, Vitamin E, sodium, magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc.  An excellent plant based protein. It is easier to digest than meat. I sprinkle the raw hempseed into my smoothies, hot cereals and salads. A perfect topping.  

  6. Ginger- a powerful anti-inflammatory and known for its powerful medicinal properties and main component gingerol. It aids in the process of digestion, provides and soothes “sour” stomachs, reducing nausea and “morning sickness,” in pregnant women. I add this powerhouse superfood to my smoothies and create delicious salad dressings with it. 

  7. Coconut oil- An excellent superfood when cooking at high temperatures, it is stable and doesn’t denature and is resistant to oxidation. Coconut oil includes medium chain triglycerides which helps reduce blood triglycerides and total cholesterol levels. A great way to soften skin too. I apply it to my hands, elbows and feet especially in the dry winter season. 

  8. Beets- Love the deep red color of this amazing superfood. Rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant, potassium, for nerve and muscle function B vitamin folate, known to reduce birth defects. I enjoy this root vegetable in salads, smoothies and making beet chips, A great snack and or side dish to any meal.  

  9. Turmeric-  A very popular superfood found in India. Turmeric contains curcumin.  Known for its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, helping to reduce the damaging effects of free radicals. I drink a tea which has turmeric in it along with pepper and coconut oil.  *These are needed in order for curcumin to be absorbed in the body found in turmeric. 

  10. Mixed Berry Combo- strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are excellent sources of fiber and antioxidants. The high-water content of the berries provide hydration for the body. Low in calories the mixed berries contain flavonoids, which help protect the brain. I can eat this delicious combo alone, add them to smoothies, gluten free oatmeal, gluten free oat bran and create delicious fruit salads too. 

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