Zygluten is a trademark brand created to support optimal gut health. The “gut” is not just a part of the digestive system but it is also home to trillions of bacteria colonizing from the mouth to the anus. A living biome playing its part to protect the human body.

The “gut” is also considered the second brain in the human body and where approximately seventy-percent of your immune system is located. Protecting your body to ward off illness and disease.

In an optimal favorable environment both the brain and “gut” communicate with each other to keep the body functioning and working in unison. However, when the “gut” is out of balance with the brain and vice versa, conditions are not favorable and overtime when not addressed an unhealthy gut can lead to health conditions. Causing the brain not to work at optimal levels. “Gut bacteria” affect brain function. In order to support brain health, the secret is to support an optimal healthy gut.

Are you suffering from one and or more of the following? Or have a combination of the following?

Conditions such as IBS, gluten intolerance and or sensitivity, FODMAPS, SIBO, Small Bowel Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth) dairy intolerance, abdominal pain, cramps acid reflux and inflammation are a result of an unhealthy gut.

Are such conditions stopping you from enjoying the foods you love?

Here are the four root causes of poor gut health:

1. Undigested food in parts of intestines where it should be already digested.

2. Intolerance to gluten, dairy, FOD MAPS/Cross-Reactors

3. Overgrowth of bad bacteria in gut flora

4. Inflammation in the gut

Dedicated researchers and scientists have worked together to solve the problem of the four root causes of poor gut health and created Zygluten.

Directions: Take one capsule of Zygluten with a bite of food and enjoy the rest of your meal.

Zygluten has potent ingredients to solve your gut problems.

-More than 20 plus powerful enzymes to aid in the process of digestion.

-Herbs, turmeric and ginger known for its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties.

-food grade microbe typed bacteria to kill pathogens to support gut and immune health.

Enjoy the effects of Zygluten by adding it to your diet and enjoy every bite of your meal.

Enjoy the food you love with Zygluten.




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